SuperMom Spotlight: Nikki Ruffin-Smith

I am so excited to kick off a new mini series here at G&J! I’ve been working on a new project called the SuperMom series where I am collaborating with other women and having them share their experiences balancing motherhood and their career. Every week for the next few weeks I will be focusing the spotlight on an amazing mom. As most of us know, being a parent is the most challenging job in the whole world. Trying to juggle your career on top of that is also extremely difficult. Today I am featuring Nikki from Exhale to Excel. She talks about her career in the military while raising her daughter. I am so happy to share the incredible story of this SuperMom with you!

SuperMom Nikki Ruffin-Smith

Nichelle Ruffin-Smith, also known as Nikki, I started out in life knowing I was sent to earth to do something extraordinary. This connection with my soul’s purpose and spiritual guide proved to be the saving grace for me, especially through my greatest triumphs and definitely during my darkest hours.

Oftentimes my goals seemed significantly out of reach, I persevered. Early in life, the most extraordinary example of what success looked like were her two uncles, one who served in the Air Force and the other in the Army. I longed to be the first female in her family to do what they had done and more. Again, I accomplished that for almost 30 years. The rewards were great. However, the price was high. During my military career, I became a single parent of a beautiful daughter, which changed the tide altogether. Unlike many women facing this challenge, the birth of my daughter only convinced me to reach higher in my career in the Army. Ultimately I even completed my Bachelors in Individualized Studies, a Master’s in the Humanities, and I became a military officer but again there was a very high price to pay. In all these achievements, my daughter experienced a lot of time away from her me. My mom gave up her house and job to be with me and my daughter in order to make life easier for all of us.

Now, almost 30 years later, that little girl of mine is now 26, a mother herself. I got married in 2013, had a baby March 2015, and retired from the Army, November 2015 in Nashville, TN. I do not spend any time in regret. In fact, I am counting my blessings and spending time sharing my story through social media, empowering other women, and serving as an advocate for social change in the city of Selma, Alabama. I’ve successfully shared my message by writing several books: Seasons Change and So Do We, Empowered Women of Social Media (#1 Best Seller), Releasing the Fear, Walking in Faith (#1 Best Seller,) We Are One Woman #1, Lazarus Rise Up, A Phenomenal Woman. A Phenomenal Marriage, and A Phenomenal Grand Mother.

SuperMom Nikki Ruffin-Smith

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Nikki and a tremendous thanks for your services! I hope you all find her story to be uplifting and inspirational. As you can see, being a mom and growing your career is very difficult but it is definitely possible! Nikki is a fine example of an empowering woman and I am very happy to kick off my SuperMom series with her. Don’t forget to keep checking back every week to read about more fabulous women that I am featuring in this series!

If you’re a mother, what’s the most challenging thing for you?

If you don’t have children, what do you admire most about the mothers in your life?


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